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Hung parliament


How to Vote

More “independents” make a hung parliament more likely - where Anthony Albanese would need to do deals with independents and the Greens in order to govern.

They would pull him in different directions with their competing demands.

This would mean gridlock and risks harmful economic policies.

In uncertain times, the last thing Australia needs is the chaos of a hung parliament.

A Labor-Independent-Greens hung parliament?

The "independents" won't reveal their policies, but what do the greens want...

An inheritance tax?

Abolish the private health rebate?

Cut defence spending
in half?

Slash private school funding?

Sources: The Greens website and www.greensmps.org.au

The questions "Independents" won't answer


Why won't they say who they'd support in a hung parliament?


Where are their detailed policies - on the economy, security, tax and other important issues?


What would their ideas cost and how would they be delivered?


A lack of transparency

“Independents” often present themselves as a purer alternative to major party candidates however their lack of transparency around donations and advertising costs discloses their true colours of double standards.

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A repeat of the Gillard/Rudd minority chaos?

If Mr Albanese forms a minority with “independents” what would happen next?

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The big money behind "Independents"

Reports of millions of dollars being pumped into “independent” campaigns raises questions as to how “independent” they really are.

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Labor links exposed

Many of the so called “independents” are not real independents. Many have been exposed as either former Labor Party members or having a strong record of supporting Labor.

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"Voices of" revealed as having extreme links and views

Analysis has revealed that many of the so-called "Voices of" springing up across the country to campaign against Coalition MPs have close ties to radical groups like Extinction Rebellion.

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The last thing Australia needs is the gridlock of a hung parliament.