The Facts About "Independents"

and the “Voices of” movement

A well-funded, co-ordinated network of so-called "independents" are targeting Liberals, while deceiving voters.

They are being put forward by the "Voices of…" movement, which is only targeting Government MPs, despite claiming to be non-partisan.

Media reports confirm many of the "independent" candidates running against prominent Liberals in key seats are being backed in by GetUp and are using the services of a campaign house with deep links to the Labor Party and GetUp.

Recent media reports note a number of activists behind the "Voices of" movement are active in extreme groups like Extinction Rebellion.[1]

Others have expressed fringe views, like comparing mining ("ecocide") with the Holocaust.[2]

Despite campaigning on "transparency", these "independent" candidates refuse to reveal who they’d support in a hung parliament.

Despite campaigning on "transparency", they were caught out not complying with Google’s transparency register with their online political advertising.[3]

They are being funded by wealthy donors, led by activist Simon Holmes à Court. Around $9 million has reportedly been raised so far, with their goal being to raise $20 million.[4]

An Australian Electoral Commission audit revealed Independent Zali Stegall failed to disclose a $100,000 donation from the family trust of a coal investor, who is accused of tax fraud.[5]

The person blamed for this (Ms Stegall’s former accountant), remains a director of the group funding “independents” (Climate 200) and reportedly charged a number of independents $30,000 to set up their financial structures.[6]

$304,000 of donations were hidden, being paid to Climate 200 (which funds “independent” campaigns) through the supposedly independent “Climate Outcomes Foundation”, which has not disclosed where these funds came from.[7]

Simon Holmes a Court recently admitted to having past dealings with the controller of the Climate Outcomes Foundation, who is now a business partner.

Mr Holmes à Court has pointed to the Gillard/Rudd minority government between 2010 and 2013 as what they want to achieve.[8] In that hung parliament, independents put Labor into minority government, leading to the world’s biggest Carbon Tax and three years of chaos.

The last thing Australia needs is the gridlock of a hung parliament.