Minority Chaos?

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Their main fundraiser, Mr Holmes à Court, has pointed to the Gillard/Rudd minority government between 2010 and 2013 as what they want to achieve.

"If we can just win two or three seats it’s highly likely there will be a minority government," Holmes à Court says."We will be back in the situation in 2010, where the independents will have a tough decision to make and, whichever way they go, they will give the government of the day the backbone to deal with the issues we care about."[1]
"Back in 2010 to 2013, crossbenchers Windsor, Oakeshott, Wilkie and Bandt played a critical role in bringing in the price on carbon producing immediate results...Plenty of evidence that modern Australian governments are at their best when they have to negotiate with quality crossbenchers."[2]

It was this parliament where independents delivered minority Government to Labor.

Two of the independents who supported Labor into power in that hung parliament were Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott.

Both Windsor and Oakeshott are on the Advisory Council of Climate 200, which funds these current "independents".

What followed was the world’s largest Carbon Tax and three years of chaos.

[1] Backed by Climate 200’s $3.6m war chest, independent challengers circle Coalition seats, The Guardian - 13/11/2021'

[2] Simon Holmes à Court is sitting on a $1.4 million election war chest, here’s how it will be spent, Sydney Morning Herald - 26/09/2021

The last thing Australia needs is the gridlock of a hung parliament.