Labor Links Exposed

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Many of the so called “independents” are not real independents. Many have been exposed as either former Labor Party members or having a strong record of supporting Labor.

Despite claiming to be a political “cleanskin”, it has been revealed the “independent” candidate in Kooyong, Monique Ryan, is a former member of the Labor Party.

While the “independent” candidate in Boothby, Jo Dyer, has been more upfront, admitting “my political views are not exactly a secret; I ran for Labor preselection back in the day.”

From The Australian:

New analysis shows crossbench MPs Helen Haines, Zali Steggall and Rebekha Sharkie have voted with Labor on two out of every three divisions in the 46th parliament, with the Morrison government using the data to warn Australians against supporting “fake independents”.

Ms Haines voted with Labor 67.92 per cent of the time, Ms Sharkie 64.64 per cent and Ms Steggall 66.04 per cent, according to research from the Parliamentary Library.

From The Australian:

Independent candidates running against prominent Liberals in key NSW seats for this year’s federal election are using the services of a campaign house with deep links to the Labor Party and the GetUp activist group.

Up to four Sydney-based independent candidates, possibly more, are using the services of Populares Agency, a Sydney-based communications company formed by a trio of Labor and GetUp veterans – Anthony Reed, Mark Connelly and Ed Coper……

An investigation by The Weekend Australian into political connections at Populares ­raises questions about whether the campaigns of these and other independent candidates for the May election are – unwittingly or not – being co-ordinated ­centrally and by supporters of Labor and GetUp.

The Project Reports:

There’s a big push to replace moderate Coalition MPs, with climate loving independents.

But doubts are being raised about how independent some of them really are…

Neurologist Monique Ryan will be running against treasurer Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong.

In an interview two weeks ago she described herself this way: 'Traditionally…I'm probably a small l liberal'.

On Monday she confirmed to the Project that she was formerly a Labor Party member, but insisted: 'I'm a cleanskin'…

But an image supplied to the Australia and New Zealand Child Neurology Society features her kissing a mural of Gough Whitlam.[1]

From Adelaide Review:

The "independent" candidate for Boothby is also a former Labor Party member. As she revealed to the Adelaide Review:

"My political views are not exactly a secret; I ran for Labor preselection back in the day."[2]

From PerthNow:

PerthNow also reported that Curtin "independent" Kate Chaney had joined the Labor Party for five months last year.[3]

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[2] Adelaide Writers' Week: Jo Dyer's write connections, The Adelaide Review 28/02/2019

[3] Independent candidate for Curtin Kate Chaney enters the federal election race as ‘the underdog’, PerthNow 03/02/2022

The last thing Australia needs is the gridlock of a hung parliament.