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From the Daily Telegraph:

Social media analysis has revealed that many of the so-called "Voices of" organisations springing up across the country to campaign against Coalition MPs have close ties to radical groups like Extinction Rebellion

Voices for North Sydney founder Andrea Wilson is a long-time environmental activist who… recently shared a meme on her Facebook page suggesting that climate change caused by "corporate ecocide" was as bad as the Holocaust.

Others involved in Sydney-area "Voices of" campaigns in seats such as Wentworth and Warringah have also posted strong shows of support for Extinction Rebellion as well as supporting kids skipping school to protest climate change.

In Victoria, where an independent push is on to topple Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, local Liz Glab has described herself as a co-founder of the local "Voices" chapter and also the founder of the local chapter of Extinction Rebellion.

"I see XR as our only hope to get the voices of the caring majority heard," she said in a recent interview. The leadership of the local Voices for the Mornington Peninsula, where Health Minister Greg Hunt is MP, have shown their support for Extinction Rebellion.

In May Deputy Chair Michael Stephens posted a link asking people to contribute to a bail fund for arrested Extinction Rebellion members.

In the seat of Goldstein, held by Liberal MP Tim Wilson, Keith Badger – who is profiled on the Voices of Goldstein website – has enthusiastically shared calls to action on his Facebook page including recruitment drives for Extinction Rebellion.[1]

Key figures in independent campaigns have extreme anti-Israel views, while Zoe Daniel has signed a letter accusing the Israeli government of unleashing “a brutal war against the besieged population of Gaza.”  

In NSW, a key volunteer for Wentworth candidate Allegra Spender has described Australia's support of Israel as “shocking” and is a strong advocate of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Blair Palese, described as a core member of the Wentworth Independents team, has labeled Israel as an “apartheidide state” and recently tweeted his support of the boycott of the Sydney Festival over a $20,000 grant from the Israeli embassy to support an Israeli-choreographed dance performance.

Senior campaign operatives for independent Zoe Daniel have publicly called for Jewish advocacy groups to “shut up” and have compared Scott Morrison with Adolf Hitler.

Zoe Daniel, a former ABC journalist running as an independent, signed an open letter accusing the Israeli government of unleashing “a brutal war against the besieged population of Gaza”.

The candidate for the Victorian seat of Goldstein has also told The Australian the issue of whether Israel is guilty of war crimes is a “complex matter of international law” best left for ­“experts to determine”.

Jewish leaders have called for Daniel to remove her signature from this letter, but Daniel has refused, claiming it would be “insincere, or a cheat’s way out, given that I did sign it.” [2]

[1] Extinction Rebellion among the supporters of anti-government community groups, The Daily Telegraph - 8/11/2021

[2] zoedaniel.com.au

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